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In addition to Move Out and Move In cleaning Services we also provide Deep Cleaning service, Spring Cleaning service, Remodel and Construction cleaning and regular weekly, every other week and monthly cleaning service. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Our Services and Costs

Our rates are based on the amount of time we book for you and depend on the size and condition of your home. Please call our office to discuss your needs and we will be happy to work out an estimate for you over the phone.

Deep Cleaning ,  Spring Cleaning

We are a division of Mountain Maids of Colorado and have been in business for 28 years ... we know how to clean. Our goal is to provide cleaning services to meet your specific needs, so please call our office on (303) 703-9392 to discuss your needs and we can work out a specific estimate for you. Our pricing is based on the amount of time we feel is required to achieve the cleaning you need. This varies for each home, depending on size, condition of the home, frequency of our visits and your specific needs ... meeting your needs and budget is our top priority.

Rates vary based on the the condition of your home but as an example, for an average 2 bedroom / 2 bath home in average condition for normal weekly or bi-weekly service the rate typically runs between $108.00 and $138.00, while an average sized  3 bedroom / 2 bath home typically runs between $138.00 and $188.00. A larger home may run a little more, as would a deep cleaning, spring cleaning or move out cleaning .. please call us and we can figure out exactly how much time is needed for your specific needs.

Whatever it is, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time only, quick clean, moving out, parties, holidays and yes .. even cleaning of a rental home you own .. we do it all. We also do remodel and construction cleaning, cleaning of small offices and businesses, etc. ..call us to discuss your needs....We are very happy to customize your cleaning to meet your needs and budget. Your cleaning can include some or all of the following:

KITCHENS: We clean counter tops, back splashes, cabinets, appliances, stainless steel, scrub and sanitize sinks. Stoves, refrigerators & appliances washed including inside & outside of microwave ovens. Floors vacuumed and washed.

BATHROOMS: Clean, sanitize and deodorize. Clean, scrub, and sanitize showers & bathtubs. Vanities, sinks & backsplashes cleaned and sanitized. Clean mirrors. Clean and sanitize toilets. Polish chrome. Wash floors.

ALL ROOMS: Clean dust and vacuum. Dust window sills & ledges. Picture frames & knickknacks dusted. Cobwebs removed and ceiling fan dusted. Lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves & baseboards. Vacuum carpets or wash floor. Wash wood floors, Vacuum furniture, empty wastebaskets.

 Serving ALL of your cleaning needs in Denver!

Call 303-703-9392 

Moving in or moving out in Denver?  Do you need to get your deposit back? Call us today!  We are a company that specializes in home move out cleaning and move in cleaning services in Denver and Colorado Springs. 

We began business in 1987 .. over 28 years ago. We know what it takes to get your home ready for sale, or to hand back to a landlord, or to help you get your new home clean so that you can move in.

We are a family owned and operated business and offer unmatched attention to detail with the personalized service you deserve .... Call us today and we can take care of it all for you! our number is 303-703-9392

Please call us on 303-703-9392 for a free estimate or Click here for an online estimate for your home or office move in or move out cleaning service in Denver.